About us

Established in 2012, Sani is the stomping ground for big ideas, hand-made apparel and outerwear, tailored suit ensembles, and mastery of craftsmanship from start to finish.

The team at Sani have a wealth of international experience to draw upon for inspiration and elevation. They are fully qualified seamstresses with specialities in thin & thick stitching, beading and sequening, and bridal wear. Sani’s step-by-step process is thorough and ensures clients are always satisfied with the comprehensive service they’re provided.

It begins with a meeting where ideas are brainstormed and workshopped between client and designer, step two involves conceptualizing and realising an idea, step three is creating a pattern based on the design, step four is the birth of the of the garment, and step five is a final consultation to ensure all of the clients visions have been actualised.